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Community is Now Closed

It's time. No content will be deleted as I know some people posted only here. I will not delete the community as a whole, but will lock it down to new posts to avoid the usual trolls and such.

Thank you to everyone who posted and created wonderful things to share!

Thank you also to everyone who supported the community and the people in it!

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Prompt # 34 - Image Prompt

As suggested in the earlier post, I thought we'd try something a little different to see if it piques anyone's interest.

Choose one of the following three images, or even two or all three if you prefer, as your prompt:




Fic, art, and vids are all welcome. SG-1, SGA, and SGU are all welcome. Ratings of any kind are all welcome (sense a theme here?), but please list the rating and follow the community rules for posting.

You do not need to use the image in your finished work, but please let us know which one you used for inspiration.

Hopefully this will inspire a creation or two. If you have any other suggestions or ideas, please let me know. You can reply to any admin post, or PM me at any time.

Thanks as always!

All images from Google Images with slight modifications to coloring via GIMP.

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Admin - Close or No?

To say this community has been quiet as of late would be a major understatement. I previously promised I would not close the comm without checking with people first, so...

Do you think this community should close?

If not, is anyone interested in taking on Admin duties? Maybe I'm not promoting it correctly, or maybe it needs new blood and new ideas to get it going again. Is anyone willing to help out? Either as a new mod or co-mod?

Please let me know if you are interested and/or if you think it would be best to close down. I freely admit my fandom attentions have been elsewhere as of late, but would be more than willing to take some suggestions if you really want to keep this community going.

Thanks as always for your time.

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Prompt # 33 - Abandoned


Forgotten, ignored, or left behind in the rush to get to something greater, something or someone just didn't make it out in time.

Maybe it was a matter of saving what they could when they could, or maybe something just wasn't wanted anymore, but now that which is gone and that which remains must both move on and deal with everything life and the universe has thrown them this time.

Fic, art, and vids all welcome. Gen, Het, Slash and all combos therein are all welcome.

Deadline to post will be the end of the month.

Have fun and thanks as always!

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Prompt # 32 - Woman's Work

Woman's Work

This is totally and completely an attempt at getting people to create things for the awesomeness that is halfamoon, a celebration of female characters in fandom.

There are so many wonderful and strong female characters in the SG world(s), and it's time to celebrate them! Show how they are awesome. She how they break the mold. Show how they show up the guys. *g* Alternatively, show some of "the guys" either realizing just how lucky they are to have one of "the girls" on their team, or just how difficult it truly is to do some of the things they wrote off as "woman's work".

This prompt will be open for the entire month of February, though the fest over at halfamoon ends on the 14th. Fic, art, vids and all are welcome. Gen, het, and slash are all welcome.

Have fun, and thanks as always!