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cat_77 in sg_prompts

Prompt # 22 - Work in Progress

Work in Progress

How many of you have a fic or two or twelve sitting around somewhere collecting dust? You’ve made some progress on it, but got stuck or distracted or just plain forgot about it and now it sits there, lamenting for its end.

Post it. Not the whole thing, just a paragraph or two to get a taste of it again. Get it back out into the daylight and maybe even start thinking about it again. Maybe you’ll even be inspired and finish it!

Then read. Read your fic. Read other people’s fics. Comment, encourage, make it known that there is interest in the plot and characters and resolution. Even if you don’t post one of your own, encourage others. Help them get everything out of their heads and onto the screen.

This is less of a prompt to get new ideas and more of a prompt to complete the ones you have. Unlike other prompts on this community, this one will have a deadline. Post your WIPs between now and May 8th, 2009. If you happen to finish any of them at any time, even after the 8th, add a link to the final product to your existing post so everyone will know where to find it.

I’m thinking of running something like this every few months. Please let me know if this interests you or if you find it helpful in any way at all.

Thanks as always!


This is *such* a great idea. Thank you.

I've just counted my WIPs - 17. And that's just the fics where I have more than a summary and an outline. I've got something to focus me now on doing something with these rather than starting new ones when plot bunnies bite.
Haha, I just said in another comment that I stopped counting at 17... and yes, those are more than just outlines, too. I use to say that I have a whole zoo of plotkitten around. And I wasn't kidding Glad to know there are more people out there like me