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January 4th, 2010

Henry, kitty, nose

chattycatsmeow in sg_prompts

FIC: Viewfinder by Cowardly Lion (rated G)

Title: Viewfinder
Author: Cowardly Lion
Category: Team, J/D established
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: G
Date: 01-04-10
Words: 2,605
Series: no
Season/Spoilers: Season 5, no spoilers

Synopsis: An ordinary trip to the mall with SG-1, Janet and Cassie gives Sam a whole new perspective.

Notes: Many thanks to Mare for the lightning fast beta. Response to prompt #31. I picked one of the less obvious meanings of the word resolution :)

Warnings: None

You can read this:
at my LJ
over at DW

Comments have been enabled at both journals.