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February 1st, 2010


cat_77 in sg_prompts

Prompt # 31 is Now Closed

Prompt # 31 - Resolution is now closed.

New prompt coming up in a bit.


cat_77 in sg_prompts

Prompt # 32 - Woman's Work

Woman's Work

This is totally and completely an attempt at getting people to create things for the awesomeness that is halfamoon, a celebration of female characters in fandom.

There are so many wonderful and strong female characters in the SG world(s), and it's time to celebrate them! Show how they are awesome. She how they break the mold. Show how they show up the guys. *g* Alternatively, show some of "the guys" either realizing just how lucky they are to have one of "the girls" on their team, or just how difficult it truly is to do some of the things they wrote off as "woman's work".

This prompt will be open for the entire month of February, though the fest over at halfamoon ends on the 14th. Fic, art, vids and all are welcome. Gen, het, and slash are all welcome.

Have fun, and thanks as always!