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March 4th, 2010


cat_77 in sg_prompts

Prompt # 32 is Now Closed

Prompt # 32 - Woman's Work is now closed.

New prompt coming up shortly.


cat_77 in sg_prompts

Prompt # 33 - Abandoned


Forgotten, ignored, or left behind in the rush to get to something greater, something or someone just didn't make it out in time.

Maybe it was a matter of saving what they could when they could, or maybe something just wasn't wanted anymore, but now that which is gone and that which remains must both move on and deal with everything life and the universe has thrown them this time.

Fic, art, and vids all welcome. Gen, Het, Slash and all combos therein are all welcome.

Deadline to post will be the end of the month.

Have fun and thanks as always!