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cat_77 in sg_prompts

Admin - Close or No?

To say this community has been quiet as of late would be a major understatement. I previously promised I would not close the comm without checking with people first, so...

Do you think this community should close?

If not, is anyone interested in taking on Admin duties? Maybe I'm not promoting it correctly, or maybe it needs new blood and new ideas to get it going again. Is anyone willing to help out? Either as a new mod or co-mod?

Please let me know if you are interested and/or if you think it would be best to close down. I freely admit my fandom attentions have been elsewhere as of late, but would be more than willing to take some suggestions if you really want to keep this community going.

Thanks as always for your time.



I would say that based on the lack of activity, it may be a good time to close up shop. Sorry. :-(
It's a difficult decision but a lot of people have moved on to new fandoms...or, like me, don't seem to have as much time available to them anymore :(

If you want to hold onto the comm then perhaps you need to re-think the prompt idea. A suggestion...

Change the focus of the prompts to something different such as smallfandomfest for Stargate! So:

Month 1: Discussion on eps, characters etc -- or a theme for a discussion
Month 2: Anyone can submit prompts
Months 3-5: Authors and artists can take up to two prompts at a time and submit 1000 words OR one large, 2 small or 6 icons. Cannot take 3rd prompt until have posted at least one response.
Month 6: Downtime...posting award banners for people who answer 3 or more prompts, sorting out a new theme etc
Month 7-12 repeats 1-6 above!

You could speak to the owner of smallfandomfest to ask her opinion and/or affiliate. It doesn't infringe on her comm as Stargate is NOT a small fandom but it is her idea so it's always nice to ask.

I'd be happy to help as one of the admins...but I warn you that I don't get a whole lot of free time :(
Unfortunately, I do not have the time or energy to spend on this. It's a great idea, if someone else wants to run with it.
I know I haven’t been around much, between RL and now having to be on pain meds makes writing fanfic into writing crap. Oh, I’ll attempt it but then read it when I’m not (for a lack to a better term) high I shake my head wondering what the hell I was thinking.

I was going to suggest maybe a change to something along the lines of what they started at dd_plotbunnies.

Every week their prompt post has: Quote/Lyric, a picture, and a Word/Phrase.

I would also open it up to not only fanfic, but graphics, videos, and fan mixes also.

Also some affiliate pimpage never hurts, I’m getting ready to ask around for stargate_stills this week.

I’d also be more than happy to help out, at the moment I have a lot of time on my hands. But as life is that can change with out notice. (found this out last year)
A while back there was a poll and the decision to change from bi-weekly prompts to monthly to give people more time in hopes of getting more entries. I'm reluctant to change it back due to that.

That said, I do like the idea of pictures or other multi-media prompts (non-fic submissions have always been welcomed, maybe this would encourage them more?). Maybe we should try that before we close up shop completely?
Boy time moves too fast, I meant to get back to you then one thing or another happen.

Anyway, I do remember when it was changed I understand not changing it back.

I love the pics you came up with, I didnt know that non-fic was allowed, (or if I did I forgot about it.)

I also like the idea of a WIP-fest, I know I have a few that really need to get themselves fiinished.
The lack of activity saddens me, but I find it difficult to write fics to challenges/prompts; I've contributed a few, but they've generally been sporadic. I like the idea of keeping to prompts in some form rather than expanding to various discussions, but maybe a variety of prompts? That is, rather than a single brief theme for each month or so, have ... I dunno, one theme prompt, and one line-from-a-song prompt, and one scenario prompt? Maybe also encourage the dropping off of plotbunnies, too, or another WIP-fest?

I'd be happy to help, but I'm best when given specific, delineated tasks; I'm not great at coming up with new schemes or drumming up publicity ....
Another WIP-fest is a possibility, as is the different prompt forms as suggested above.

I'm a prompt-whore, and freely admit it, which is why I started this comm in the first place. That said, I've been playing in other playgrounds lately and finding the SG-verse(s) more difficult to come up with ideas for. Over at [community profile] camelot_fleet, we had a Prompt-Fest where people submitted prompts and people grabbed what they wanted and ran with it - maybe that's an option here as well? If so, I might need some organizational help and/or banner-making assistance.
Hi! Just found this comm today. I have a suggestion, how about posting to known communities where loads of fans of the Stargate universe (I do NOT mean SGU) flock to? Like say sga_noticeboard sga_newsletter? I’m active in the SGA fandom, not so much in the SG-1 one unless there are crossovers, so I only have suggestions for SGA. Hope this helps!
We are already linked in on the newsletter, but a post to the notice board sounds like an excellent idea. I'm on a different computer due to mine getting a horrific virus, but let me see if I can get the image links and such to work.